Modules Overview

7 Powerful Modules


Module 1

Feeling Unlovable  

This module looks at the connection between food and love. We release two beliefs and one trigger. Discover new strategies for when you feel unlovable. Learn how denying your own needs leads to replacing them with food. 


module 2

Using Food as a Reward  

When you want to feel rewarded, do you turn to food? This module breaks the association between food and rewards and opens up many other possible ways to experience rewards. We also cover how food gets associated with giving yourself pleasure. Develop new strategies for when you want pleasure.


module 3

Working Hard and a Desire to Feel Comforted  

Many people use food to feel comforted and at home. We develop new strategies to elicit positive emotions, feel comforted and at home, and reward ourselves when no one else and nothing else will.