Freedom Lifestyle Online Business Training Group


Freedom Lifestyle Online Business Training Group


Registration open now! February - May, 2016

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Dates: February - May 2016

For: Entrepreneurs and those who want to start or expand a home-based or computer-based business.


Take this quiz to see if this group is right for you . . . 

You're an entrepreneur who'd like to start a home-based or computer-based business
You're a small business owner and you'd like to grow your business online
You're a coach, counselor, healer, or artist and you'd like to expand your reach or help more people 
You are concerned about your financial security and would like to increase your income in 2016  
You feel stuck in your business and think you are missing some pieces 
You sometimes feel confused or tired of struggling alone and want the support of a mentor and a like-minded group of entrepreneurs and business owners  
You are interested in forming partnerships with others to promote and support each other's businesses
If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then this group is for YOU! 

Let’s make 2016 a banner year for sales and a watershed year in which you really organize and formalize your business so it feel REAL instead of like an expensive HOBBY! It’s time to make the COMMITMENT to go for your goals and make things happen in the NEW YEAR! You may have struggled for a long time alone, but we CAN make a lot more PROGRESS and MONEY by working TOGETHER!


The benefits of a Freedom Lifestyle Online Business are HUGE!

Freedom of your schedule

Freedom from your commute

Freedom to work when you want, and WHERE you want

Freedom to create income when you need it

Freedom to develop the kinds of programs, products and services that you think are best

Freedom to be creative and contribute something special to the world!



  • Business planning and setting goals

  • Branding

  • Developing programs and products

  • Money mindset and management

  • Social media

  • List-building, and more!!


Make the commitment today to get the support and structure you need! Sign up now - time limited —> We are starting REGISTRATION on January 1st 2016 and rolling forward every two weeks with a different business topic. You should sign up NOW to get the maximum benefit. Don’t wait on your dreams - we can help you take the action needed to make them a REALITY. Many people regret the dreams they never took action on because they were too timid or afraid to fail. They never even give themselves a chance. But building a business is not a mystery. Once you know the specific steps to take you will have all the building blocks you need to create any business you’d like, or even more than one! We live in a new world with a new economy. Gone are the days of job security and long-term financial stability. Pensions and retirement plans are the benefits of the few, and not a reality for most of us. Take back your power to work on your own terms, create the income you desire, and be self-supporting. Lose your fear of lay-offs, down-sizing and company belt-tightening. 

No more dreaming, wishing and hoping - it’s time to take action on your dreams for your business! Registration opens January 1st, 2016.

Don't be left out of this exclusive group!



Private Community Page - community support and discussion. Post questions and get answers, brainstorm, and post ideas for feedback and tweaks.

Are you a visual learner? Videos every two weeks with easy to use worksheets for each training topic.

Short quizzes to check and reinforce learnings

Worksheets to develop your goals, plan your action steps and record your progress.

Live meetings at a local café to reconnect with the group, get personal mentorship, hear inspiring stories and hold each other accountable!

Long-term support - this is a FOUR-MONTH group that is designed to hold you and support you to make big changes and keep your progress going. A short workshop can inspire you to make some changes, but you need long-term support for when you are challenged and questions come up or you don’t know what to do! Your business training group is there and you are able to get support fast!


After years of struggling to create a home-based business myself, I learned how to pull all of the pieces of an online business together and be successful. I also know how tough it is to go it alone. You can find a lot of information online, but It takes a lot longer to get the right information you need when you have to sift through massive amounts of material on the internet. You can get stuck and not have anyone to turn to. You can feel inspired one week, and lose hope the next. That’s why a group and a structure can make such a difference!

Let’s work together to make 2016 the best year ever for all of us! The great thing about a group like this is that it’s not competitive and we all benefit and help each other by being successful. We can learn from each others' successes and mistakes. We can form joint ventures to promote each other, or we might even need each other’s services!




Training Structure: 

Topics are presented every two weeks via video and written material. Links will be provided to a password protected area of my website where you can view all the materials. We will communicate via private Community page with the entire group to ask questions, post ideas and get feedback. We will have weekly Q&A group phone calls to discuss the training, and answer any questions. We will also have once a month live meetings to reconnect with the group at a relaxed setting in Walnut Creek or nearby. You can still be part of the group if you are not local and/or cannot make the live meetings. 


Register for the Freedom Lifestyle Online Business Training Group at the top of this page. Click the REGISTER NOW button and you will be able to enter your registration information on the next page. 

I look forward to kicking off a great 2016 with YOU!
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